a little about me

Weight:104 lbs.
Hair Color:Blonde
Eye Color:Hazel
Dress Size:1
Shoe Size:6-7






Hey there, it’s Amanda(:

Come take a look at my professional photo and video sets along with candid photos and videos that I take of myself πŸ˜‰ I think you’ll enjoy them very much! I’m finally 18 so I’m sure you can only imagine what I’ll be showing <3 I love all of my members and I make sure to comment back to all of them.

I’m super flirty and I love being sexual ! Which isn’t always a bad thing πŸ˜‰ I love showing off what I wear out to clubs and/or dinners in my candid section and I love talking to every single one of you lovely people! πŸ™‚

Fun Facts

Right-handed or left-handed?Left HandedGrilled or fried?Grilled
Do you wear contacts/glasses?Contacts for Halloween (;Boxers or briefs?Boxers (;
Tattoos?Quiet a few and countingMorning-person or night-person?Definitely night
Piercings?Ears, dermal under my eye, vertical labret, top and bottom belly, my nipplesPizza or pasta?Pasta
Favorite food?Anything Italian Jeans or a dress?Jeans
Do you drink?;ΟΈAbercrombie & Fitch or The Gap?Idk what that means
Do you smoke?NopeBe rich or be happy?Could I have both?
Favorite school subject?MathShower or a Bath?Shower all the way!
Least favorite school subject?History :(Family or friends?Family <3
Favorite holiday?Halloween!Kiss or hug?Definitely kiss
Favorite season?Winter (:Drugs or alcohol or none?Alcohol :P
Favorite musical artists/bands?Marilyn MansonBright or dark room?Dark (;
Favorite TV shows?Teen Wolf and Ridiculousness!Chocolate or vanilla?Vanilla
Favorite movies?Pacific RimDogs or cats?Dogs
Favorite sports? BaseballPepsi or Coke?Coke!
Favorite sports teams?Tampa Bay RaysMcDonalds or Burger King?McDonalds
Any pets?One cat and one dogCappuccino or coffee?Cappuccino
Favorite color?RedDo you like to travel by plane?Depends where (:
Favorite number?69 (:Are you afraid of the dark?Depends
Favorite flower?Roses :D3 things you can’t live without?Trustworthy people, family, and my phone!
How big is your bed?Full <3What did you want to be when you were child?Model (: