I have a feeling you guys are really going to like this sheer teddy lingerie. It barely keeps me contained which is something I know you don’t like me to be. But those are the rules. Then again I’m so bountiful, well, things happen. Oh and then there’s this little sheer thong. Yeah. You’re gonna […]

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What Pants?


As you know I love wearing thongs. All kinds of thongs. I enjoy them so much there are times where wish it would be ok to just forget wearing pants and go out with just a blouse and a cute little thong. I know, crazy. I’m pretty sure I would be quite distracting going about […]

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Bad Teacher


Alright boys. It’s time for you to start paying attention in class. No more goofing around, passing notes, texting and snap chatting. I’ve got an important lesson for you. Since many of you have problems paying attention I’ve decided to try a different tactic. I’m going to teach while wearing some sheer lingerie. Specifically a […]

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A Little Cushion


What can I say? I was feeling a little extra daring so I decided to forget about the lingerie and wild, tiny dresses and just use this little cushion to drive you nuts. It looks good with my little black thong doesn’t it? Hopefully you won’t mind me keeping it simple in this update.

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Club Dress


You’ve seen some of the more wild club dresses I have, but this one I really like. It’s simple but daring. I have a feeling you’ll really like this one especially once you see the little white thong underneath it. You know me. I can’t resist giving you some quick peeks

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I’m Innocent


Ha! You should know by now I’m not exactly innocent. I may act like it on occasion, but here that’s a pretty rare. After all, I know you prefer otherwise. So don’t let this simple white teddy and panties fool you. In my hands things may start innocent enough. But if you’re patient you’ll see […]

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At The Limit


You guys know how I love wild and daring clothes, especially little dresses. Well, I stumbled across this little number and just had to show it to you. When I tried it on at the store I loved it. Now I’m wondering just where exactly I would were this. If I wore it out I’m […]

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My Thigh Highs


I know you guys enjoy seeing me in my bra and panties. But I know you love seeing me in them paired with a nice pair of thigh high stockings. So I thought I’d indulge you and slip into these white stockings. Luckily white goes with anything so they’re a nice match with the purple […]

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Pinstripe Dream


I really dig this babydoll lingerie. Just daring enough with the sheer lace and matching thong and just a bit of class with the pinstripes. I kinda feel like a gangster with this classic look. Say hello to my little friend! Well, actually, say hello to my large friends.

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Form Fitting


Hey boys, I’ve got some wild lingerie for you again. This sheer bodystocking was much easier to put on compared to that crazy teddy from last week. What I really like about this daring lingerie is that if I slipped on a skirt it would almost be something I could wear out in public. That […]

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