Here we go. Another new site for you – Danni Dawn! Though she’s only been with us for a short time we were swept away with her beauty, enthusiasm, and her daring & teasing ways. We’ll be updating Danni’s site every Monday so you can start your week off with some extra excitement.

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Boulder Holder


I wonder what boulders are being held?? And what is this holder anyway??? Hmm. I’ll leave that to you to figure out. I’ll just be here showing off this leopard print bra, tiny thong and these kick ass boots. These boots were made for more than just walking, that’s for sure.

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Corset & Garter


Just me and a sheer corset trying it’s best to keep everything in place. Oh, and a little thong and garter too. I thought this thing would be comfortable, but I was wrong. Good thing for you because I just couldn’t get out of this fast enough.

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Doing The Dishes


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I trust you’re having a safe and happy celebration. I love this holiday because of all the yummy food. What I don’t love is having to clean up after. So many dishes to clean. Instead of complaining I decided to have some fun. After all, bubbles. Lets just say the bubbles everywhere!

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Light And Airy


This sheer blouse is so cute. The perfect summer top. Too bad it’s not summer. Lucky it was nice and toasty in this house. So much I forgot (yeah, right) to put on some pants. Nothing like kicking back in a top and thong.

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What a long day. I’m just ready to plop down, relax, and chill watching some TV. Good thing I have something extra comfy to wear to help me settle in. You know me, it’s sheer. It’s lace. And, yes, it’s very comfy. Nothing like some daring lingerie and a little thong to help a girl […]

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Down To Business


Alright boys. It’s time to get down to business. Grab a seat and come sit with me we have some things to discuss. I have a feeling you may be left speechless and be paying more attention to my unbuttoned shirt and thong. That’s ok. You’re not in any trouble. Yet.

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Cleaning Service


Could this be a dream come true? Me showing up at your house in a French Maid’s uniform ready to clean your mess? Well, if you haven’t dreamed of it perhaps you will after you see what a wonderful job I do. I can run the dishwasher and put the dishes away with the best of them. […]

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The color isn’t the only thing that’s magnificent about this bra and thong. I’m sheer you can figure out what else makes it so wonderful beyond the garters and stockings. Or perhaps it’s not the lingerie at all. Maybe it’s what the lingerie is hiding.

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Center Piece


This dining room table looked so lame. It really needed something on it to spice the room up. But just some kind of silly floral arrangement wasn’t going to cut it. I had something better in mind. ME! Me in a sheer, lace cami lingerie and a thong. Now that’s what I call a center […]

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