Center Piece


This dining room table looked so lame. It really needed something on it to spice the room up. But just some kind of silly floral arrangement wasn’t going to cut it. I had something better in mind. ME! Me in a sheer, lace cami lingerie and a thong. Now that’s what I call a center […]

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Button Buster


I think if I wore this sweater out I’d be aching for some kind of wardrobe malfunction. Though I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if that happened. So I thought I’d put it on for you to see what would happen. To my surprise it held up longer than I expected before I had to unbutton […]

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Half Shirt


Is it summer or fall? The weather just can’t make up it’s mind. Good thing I have this half shirt sweater. It keeps me warm and cool at the same time by allowing the breeze to hit my stomach. Lucky for you it was warm today so I paired it with this thong. Bet you […]

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Plum Juicy


Who says casual can’t be sexy? ¬†Whoever says that hasn’t seen me wearing something casual and comfy. I think you all will agree with me as this shirt and panties combo was a lot of fun to wear and allowed me with some new ways to tease. Let’s just say this update is just plum […]

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Grab A Drink?


I was feeling a little parched during this set so I thought I’d grab a drink. Of course that was after I got comfortable and slipped into this sheer lace bra and thong. THEN I got my drink and sat down for a breather. But I’m lonely. It’s no fun drinking alone. I think you […]

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I’m feeling a little chairitable today. Get it. Chair-itable. Hahahaha. I know. Lame. What’s not lame though is this daring teddy lingerie with a thong back.

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Good And Plenty


This little pink tank top and green panties made me feel like a piece of candy. I know everyone can enjoy a nice sweet and tasty treat every so often. Would you like me to be your piece of candy?

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As am I’m sure you’ve figured out by now I’m a bit restless. Oh, and wild. I like to keep my wild side to a select few people and you of course. That’s why I wanted to show you this daring, sheer, lace blouse with you. And a little thong. It’s just not the same […]

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So who of you out there plays a sport? Are you looking for an equipment manager? If so I’d like to offer my services. As you can see I’ve been handling some rather large equipment for a while now and I think it’s time I let others take advantage of my equipment handling skills. Let […]

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White Knight


So I got this sexy dress the other day and I’m really excited to wear it out. Just look at this thing. Wow! But there’s one little problem with it. You can see through the back of it. It’s a bit short to not wear any panties and you can clearly see my thong. I’m […]

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