Breaking Point


Oh, this poor sheer teddy lingerie with it’s tiny thong back. It’s really struggling to hold me in. It was almost to it’s breaking point. I swear I could hear the strings getting ready to break. It’s such a shame I had to slip it off before I ruined it. For some reason I think […]

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Caught In A Web


Is this a dress? A teddy? Just regular lingerie? It could be all of the above, but one this is for sure, it’s wild and daring. I feel like I’m caught in a giant spider web when I wear it. To take it up a notch I thought I’d slip on this pair of thigh-high […]

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In A Knot


This damn sheer shirt is all tied up in a knot. I know it’s supposed to be buttoned but I thought this would be more fun. Plus it looks so good with this tiny, red thong. Lets see if I can get this knot out..

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Whole Lotta Love


This sheer teddy has a whole lotta lace. A whole lotta daring. And I’ve got a whole lotta love for you! I’m pretty sure you will enjoy this lingerie. While there’s a lot to it at the same time there’s not much at all. What’s that called? Oh. A tease

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Sea Of Blue


I hope you’re ready to get wet and are willing to jump into this sea of sheer blue lingerie. If you can’t swim, don’t worry. I have some flotation devices with me you can grab onto if you must. If you’re still a little afraid to join me I think I can persuade you since […]

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To The Nines


I decided this week to go all out with a full lingerie attire. It’s not too often I feel like wearing all this but this was too good to pass up. I’m pretty sure you’ll appreciate that I didn’t when you see this bustier, garters, stocking and thong. As they say, I’m dressed to the […]

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Sheer Bounty


Ahoy there mateys! I have a wonderful bounty here to share with you. But first you will have to endure a little bit of tease torture. Behold my sheer babydoll teddy and thong. This sheer lingerie gives just the right amount of a sneak peek of my bounty to encourage you to earn your keep.

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Strapped In


Talk about some daring lingerie. I was a bit worried my girls would even fit in this thing, but they did. With some effort. Of course this made keeping them contained wasn’t exactly easy. But that’s half the fun. So easy to tease. Throw in this tiny tong and you may be the one who […]

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There’s something pretty amazing about this babydoll lingerie. I think you’ll be able to easily figure out what I’m talking about. That poor little bow is almost getting swallowed up. And the little string thong is pretty cute too. I hope you like it as much as I do.

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Golden Orbs


I gotta say, this bustier really does give me just a bit of a boost. Not that I needed one, lol. Still it’s sexy lingerie and you know how I love wearing that. Matched up with this little thong it’s quite the outfit.

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